We have faith in the future of Mauritius and we are committed to do our share in order to ensure that our country remains a successful, sustainable and cosmopolitan society, fully integrated with the rest of the world. This should be our most invaluable legacy to future generations.
Hector Espitalier-Noël, CEO of ENL
Boldly enterprising

ENL is a broad-based conglomerate with interests in most sectors of the national economy. Since our beginnings in early 19 century, we have been working alongside the country’s political, social and economic stakeholders to broaden and strengthen the national economy. In the process, we have ourselves grown from an essentially agricultural concern into a modern, family-controlled business group, listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

ENL companies generated Rs 9.2 billion in turnover during financial year ended June 2013 and provided direct employment to some 5 600 people. We have a solid asset base, currently valued at more than Rs 39 billion. 

We are one of the largest producers of sugar cane on the island. Our extensive plantations cover most of the 23 000 acres of land owned and managed by us in the Moka, Savannah and Bel Ombre regions. In addition to sugar cane, we produce food crops, ornamental plants and chicken on an industrial scale. ENL Agri, which drives our operations in the agro-industrial sector along with the Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre, is currently experimenting with cattle breeding with a view to start a fully integrated beef production facility. 

In recent years, ENL has emerged as an avant-garde entrepreneur in the property development sector. Our ENL Property team now masters the whole spectrum of competencies in this field, from project conception, finance and development to marketing, sales, maintenance and management of premium residential, commercial and office properties. We are currently exploring possibilities of exporting this know-how to neighbouring Indian Ocean and East African countries.

A choice selection of commercial and light manufacturing activities further contribute to the dynamism of ENL. Led by ENL Commercial, this cluster includes activities such as motor vehicles dealership, building and construction, manufacturing of soft furnishings and fashionable eyewear as well as the supply of building materials, home and garden accessories, logistics and ICT services, among others.

ENL Lifestyle, our newest line of business, is spearheading our forays into the hospitality and leisure services sector with encouraging success. ENL Investment’s taking control of the Rogers group in 2012 has enabled us to considerably strengthen our foothold in the travel and tourism industry as well as in the logistic sector. Our significant investment in the Food and Allied group, the island’s market leader in the agro-industrial sector, further enhances ENL’s economic clout in Mauritius.

ENL is a family-run public business group. Its founding stone was laid by Martial Henri René Noël way back in 1821 when he acquired control over 100 acres of land in Moka. Over time, his successors have strengthened and broadened the group’s activity base and diversified its sources of revenue through strategic investments. The group is currently led by the fifth generation of Noëls.

Quite naturally therefore, the ENL culture is steeped in strong family values such as solidarity, hard-work, authenticity and a deep-rooted sense of responsibility towards future generations. “We have a long-term take on business. Cash generation and optimisation of profits are important drivers of performance but our business strategy remains guided by long-term value creation” says Group CEO Hector Espitalier-Noël.

We engage with our different stakeholders with an equally strong sense of solidarity and responsibility. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives, delivered through the ENL Foundation, aim for sustainable social growth in the communities hosting our businesses by favouring youth development and preservation of the natural environment.

Our 100 engagements pour demain programme further bears testimony to our commitment to be in sync with our group’s stakeholders as well as with our own evolution in time. This initiative comprises a hundred ways of translating our corporate values into concrete and measurable actions. 

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