Superdist - Company Profile

Superdist is a well-established wholesaler of IT products in Mauritius. It is an important link in the supply chain connecting manufacturers of IT hardware to the consumer and as such, it also provides pre-sale and after-sale services to retailers which are extended to the end buyer. The portfolio of brands managed by the company includes HP, CISCO, FUJITSU, DLINK and LYNKSIS. Superdist is one of ENL Commercial’s associated companies.

Our Brands
Factsheet 2017
Date of establishment 1998
% held by ENL Commercial 45
Number of employees 20
Turnover (Rs'm) 430
Profit attributable to equity holders (Rs'm) 23
Contact Us
L’Anse Courtois, Pailles, Mauritius
T: +230 286 9000
F: +230 286 9005