We focus on significant strategic or controlling equity investment in market-leading companies, working closely with them to create businesses of lasting and considerable value. Our investment strategy is designed to bring superior, long-term capital growth and risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders while allowing us to stay involved in our country's main business sectors.
Hector Espitalier Noêl, CEO - ENL Investment
Annual Report
Annual Report 2015
Strategic shareholding

ENL Investment focuses primarily on late-stage strategic equity investment in selected companies, working closely with management to enhance their profitability and growth prospects.

We seek majority or substantial minority participation in the equity of our portfolio companies. Our main investments are currently in leading Mauritian groups of companies such as Rogers, Avipro, Management and Development Company as well as in New Mauritius Hotels and Tropical Paradise. Our portfolio was valued at Rs 6.5 billion in 2015.

Through these companies, ENL has a strong involvement in the travel and hospitality industry, the agro-industrial sector as well as in finance, logistics and real estate. This is in line with our strategy to secure a strong ENL presence in the main sectors driving the national economy.

We are active investors, aiming to bring superior, risk-adjusted and long-term returns to our shareholders. We utilise ENL’s significant operating experience to position ourselves as a differentiated, value-added partner. We believe that by contributing to make our portfolio companies strategically stronger, we help enhance their value and hence ensure that they consistently generate superior returns.

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