Smart City of Moka - Company Profile

The Smart City of Moka is a place of choice to live, work and play. It is perfectly located in the heart of Mauritius between both highways, where 70% of the purchasing power lives and 40% of people works. Moka is also a vibrant existing city with modern and integrated infrastructure for a better quality of life.

Through the new Smart City Scheme, Moka will now offer development and investment challenges such as a central business district promoting innovation, a further expanded knowledge hub, new contemporary residential projects accessible to both locals and foreigners, developed urban infrastructure with green spaces and waste sorting and recycling platforms among others. 

Factsheet 2016
Overall area (arpents): 1,600
Phase 1 area (arpents) 450
Phase 1 – Total development cost (Rs bn) 22.5
Phase 1 - Direct job creation (persons) 3,500
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Smart City of Moka
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