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Share Performance
Last update: 24th Sep 2017 @ 3:10:05 PM
Daily Share Info
Market Price Rs 27.15
Previous Close Rs 27.15
% Change -
Transaction Value Rs 32,580
Last update: 25th September 2017 @ 01:28:00
Financial indicators 2016
Turnover (Rs' bn) 13.4
Profit after tax (Rs’ m) 875
Equity holders Interests (Rs' bn) 16.5
Net indebtedness (Rs' bn) 15.4
Gearing ratio 31.2%

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Financial Performance
Corporate Profile

Listed on the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM) of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since 2006, ENL is involved in five major business sectors: agriculture, commerce and manufacturing, property development, investment management as well as corporate services. These activities are grouped into five business units.

ENL was incorporated in 1944 as a holding company to bring together the interests held by the Espitalier-Noël family. Since its inception, ENL has steered the group's expansion across different business sectors, today positioning it as an important contributor to Mauritian economy. The ENL brand has long been respected in Mauritius for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. This business integrity has been translated into a stated commitment to constantly promote harmony with the natural and social environment.

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Group Structure

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For investor related enquiries:

Sandra Lincoln
T: +230 404 95 00


For general enquiries :

Virginie Corneillet
T: +230 404 95 00