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We are the 3rd largest sugar cane grower in Mauritius. Our strategy for sustainable growth has led us to diversify our production mix which currently includes food crops, decorative plants, chicken and, through Eclosia, a wide array of food products. 

ENL has its genesis in agriculture, in sugar cane to be more precise. And today, two centuries since its inception, our group remains one of the largest growers of sugar cane on the island - and also one of the most efficient by industry standards.

Over the years, we have crafted a successful diversification strategy which supports our country's ambition for self-sufficiency in food products. Up to 40% of our revenues in the agro-industry segment currently comes from food crops, chicken farming, ornamental plants and related services as well as from the transformation and distribution of food products. 

Our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices has us keeping a keen eye on the efficient use of water and land resources as well as on our ecological footprint with regards to the use of chemicals. We are also committed to deliver high quality products to the market and aim for certification by international organisations.  

Operations in the agricultural field are driven by ENL Agri and Bel Ombre Sugar Estate. Our presence in the food sector is through our historical partnership with Eclosia, a leading business group which pioneered the food industry in Mauritius some 50 years ago. It is currently the leading supplier of poultry products, canned and raw vegetables, flour and animal feed as well as of a large selection of dairy products and consumer packaged goods.


We create sustainable value in three main areas of activity:

  • Food crop

    We bring vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants produced in strict adherence to the principles of sustainable agriculture. We also raise chicken and deer for meat. 

  • Services

    Experience and know-how honed over two centuries are made accessible to professionals and the general public through professional services that go from landscaping to agro-supplies. 

  • Sugar cane

    We are the 3rd largest sugar cane grower in Mauritius, harvesting an average of 350 000 tonnes of cane annually and on a good crop year, accounting for up to 10% of national sugar production.  

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