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CSBO supplies niche markets with products and services like edible palm hearts, coffee, ornamental plants and game hunting.

CSBO's food production mix includes fruits and vegetables as well as fresh meat from animals bred in natural and controlled environments. From palm-hearts and the unique Chamarel coffee to game fare, our high-quality products are enjoyed by both tourists and locals.

We also grow more than 400 species of endemic and exotic plants in over 34 hectares of shade houses, potting and hardening areas, and open grounds. Instant lawn remains our flagship product.

Our team at the nursery provides guidance to customers and call on the know-how of our partner, ESP Landscapers, to propose tailor-made landscaping solutions. Our partnership with ESP Landscapers also makes us a leading supplier of landscaping services to most segments of the market.

Located in Bel Ombre and Case Noyale, our hunting grounds offer well-preserved environments where we breed small game for hunting, a unique activity on the island targeting both local and international clients. Preys include Java stags and trophies, hare, pheasants, partridges and wild pigs.

Our brands
  • Café de Chamarel

Costal Road, Domaine de Bel Ombre,


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