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We SimplyFile

SimplyFile provides provides archiving and document archiving solutions to business and individuals in Mauritius.

We pack and index documents, store them in our fully secured yet accessible warehouse, enable our customers to manage and search their documents from the comfort of their office and ensure a speedy delivery of the document on demand. We complete our service range by destroying upon demand documents that have reached the end of their retention time.

Confidentiality, professionalism, safety and proximity are the four core values that define our service. We are in business since 2003, having contracted a partnership with ENL Commercial in 2010.

Sophie Blandin de Chalain
Sophie Blandin de Chalain
Managing Director

Sophie Blandin de Chalain is an accomplished professional-turned-entrepreneur. After a long career in debt control, she created We Simplyfile Ltd (ex-Docufile) in 1996. Currently, she has more than 15 years of experience in Document Management Systems and archiving services. Her broad expertise as well as her fresh and innovative ideas contribute to lead the company along the path of growth.

  • We currently manage around
    in our secured warehouse
  • thus servicing

Sir James Burty David Street
Pailles, Mauritius

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