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About Rogers Foundation

Rogers Foundation drives for a planet-friendly growth, its prime focus currently being on the protection and preservation of Mauritius' marine ecosystem. 

Rogers Foundation aims for impact by choosing a main cause to champion for the an extended period of time. This cause is chosen after consultation with the Rogers group's main stakeholders. Given the group's significant stakes in the hotel and leisure industry, the protection of the coastal ecosystem was an obvious choice. 

Poverty alleviation is another important pillar of intervention for the foundation. It acts in line with the government's objective to eradicate absolute poverty through a concerted national initiative. The Rogers group is also an important patron for arts and culture, supporting artists and major cultural events like the Porlwi festival. 

In addition to offering financial support to social and environment causes, Rogers Foundation actively collaborates with various external institutions and engages in educating citizens on how they can reduce their environmental footprint (e.g. Bis La Mer, Plankton).

Audrey d'Hotman de Villiers
CSR & Sustainability Manager

Audrey heads the sustainable development and corporate social responsibility desk of the Rogers group. She manages the Rogers Foundation whose main focus is on the protection and preservation of the coastal ecosystem of Mauritius. Audrey is a professional social psychologist with extensive experience in the fight against substance abuse and HIV/AIDS at NGO and national levels. In addition to heading Rogers Foundation, Audrey is a pro-bono adviser to NGOs. 

OurFocus Areas
  • Environmental issues:
    persons educated
    since 2014
  • We have already spent
    years actively protecting
    the coastal ecosystem
  • Knowledge on environmental issues increased by
    according to a mid-term survey
    we carried out in 2016,
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