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How the ENL group is responding to the coronavirus outbreak in Mauritius

Mauritius has partially re-opened on 18 May 2020 after a near total shut-down in response to the corona virus outbreak in the island. The partial resumption of economic activities follows 21 straight days of no new COVID-19 cases being registered in the country. It is enabled by a new law enacted to ensure that strict precautionary measures continue to be taken by one and all in order to prevent a second wave of the pandemic. Mauritius went into lock-down on 20 March 2020 in line with its policy of containment and isolation aimed at slowing down the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We express our deepest sympathy to all those who have been impacted by the corona virus outbreaks in the world. Our unreserved solidarity goes to our fellow countrymen and women who are fighting the virus on all fronts in hospitals, quarantine centers as well as at national and community levels. ENL teams are right there beside them, aiding the most vulnerable to survive national confinement and generally contributing to strengthen our country’s resilience.

As a company that’s practically two centuries old, ENL trusts Mauritians’ ability to work together in order to not only weather this crisis, but to emerge stronger as nation. We remain committed to do our share to help the country bounce back. Our approach is grounded in our group’s guiding philosophy which is to commit, connect and innovate in order to enable possibilities to shape up.

Our response to the pandemic is four-fold:

  • We contribute fully to national efforts to slow down the speed at which the virus is spreading on the island. Safety of our teams is an all-time priority and most of us working remotely. Those of our teams who are out there ensuring the continuity of essential services closely follow guidance from national health authorities to ensure their own health and safety,as well as those of whoever they meet in the course of their duty.We have also set up a grocery home-delivery service for our employees, helping them maintain the prescribed social distancing. 

  • We show solidarity with communities which are the most impacted by the corona virus outbreak and the ensuing sanitary curfew. ENL Foundation is distributing food packs to families in need who live close to ENL companies across the island. This effort is supplemented by ad hoc initiatives taken by teams at company level.

  • We optimise the scale of our group in order to create greater impact in all that we do. We have created the #myENL Solidarity Fund in a bid to unite our efforts with those of our employees for the greater good. ENL employees are invited to voluntarily contribute a percentage of their salary to this fund. The fund is now operational with an initial capital of Rs 8 million and has extended its support to the NGO community by asking them to apply for funding.

    Additionally, the ENL group and its subsidiaries have jointly committed to contribute Rs 5 million to the government's COVID-19 Solidarity Fund.   

  • We contribute actively at to boost the resilience of the national economy and plan recovery. Our leaders are heading joint efforts to ensure continuity of supplies (food, medical equipment, fuel and other necessities) to the island. We are also part of the team working at reigniting the engines of the national economy. Four of our hotels are being used as national quarantine centers. Our inland courier service is using its logistics to facilitate ecommerce … Our teams are responding to the challenges of the day with agility.

    We have launched the ENL Future-Fit Ideation Program to harness the power of innovation in order to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis. This program calls on the creativity and the sense of innovation of ENL employees and business partners to identify and address opportunities presented by the current situation of sanitary, social and economic strife. 

Government has announced the end of confinement for 1 June, 2020. We have adopted an ENL Human Capital Post Confinement Protocol based on industry best practice and recommendations of the World Health Organisation to minimise risks to employee and stakeholders' health in view of the resumption of work on site. We have also updated a list of frequently asked questions in anticipation of any clarifications employees may require with regards to the prevailing sanitary crisis. 

At group level, our teams are currently busy assessing the impact of the crisis on operations to date and on planning business recovery. The situation with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mauritius is evolving continuously. We remain in close contact with the national authorities to monitor this evolution and to adjust our response accordingly.

On 5 May, the ENL Group CEO, Hector Espitalier-Noël briefed the company's shareholders on immediate steps taken by the group to respond to the COVID-19 crisis as well as on the outlook with regards to medium term future. Click to read the letter to shareholders. 

On 18 May, Mauritius partially lifted the sanitary curfew after no new COVID-19 cases being registered in the island for 22 straight days. A special law was passed to ensure that individuals and businesses continue to take very strict precautionary measures in order to prevent a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the island.

ENL enterprises took major steps to reopen in a safe and disciplined way. Stringent health and safety protocols are applied on all work sites. Practically 50% of the group's workforce returned to work as a result. The other 50% continues to work from home.  

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Visit the Ministry of Health and Wellness website for the latest on how Mauritius is responding to the COVID-19. Ministry of Health and Wellness page.

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius reopened on Monday 6 April after a 15-day suspension of its operations. Click here to see how the Mauritian stock market is reacting to the pandemic.

Updated 18 May 2020

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