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ENL Commercial is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and operates in the automotive, commerce & industry as well as services sectors. It works in close partnership with international brands as well as with local and international customers to deliver premium products and services. It aims to become a key player in each of its served markets.

ex-ENL Commercial

Our initiatives to restructure our businesses are now starting to bear fruits. The positive results we have posted are encouraging, though they still need to be strengthened and improved upon. This is an objective that we shall pursue for the coming years, as spelt out in our new 3Y business plan for the period ending 2020.

Eric Espitalier-Noël
Chief Executive Officer
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FY2018 Key highlights
  • Turnover
    billion rupees
  • Operating profit
    million rupees
  • Profit after tax
    million rupees
  • Cash generated from operations
    million rupees
  • Equity holders' interest
    million rupees
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Company profile

ENL Commercial is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since 1990 and its ordinary shares are publicly traded on the first market. It is engaged in automobile dealership, the import and distribution of building materials and hotel supplies, in ICT services and hardware as well as in light manufacturing activities.

ENL Commercial is a team of more than 1,100 women and men, creating value by staying close to the market, nurturing winning relationships with business partners and continuously revisiting work processes in order to optimise efficiency. The company aims to attain leadership in each of the market segments it serves. 

Value creation at ENL Commercial is driven by 10 operating companies:



  • Board of directors

  • Corporate governance committee

  • Audit and risk management committee

  • Senior management team of ENL Commercial

  • Management of subsidiaries

  • Antoine Marrier d’Unienville
    General manager of Axess
  • Cedric Deweer
    General manager of Nabridas and Grewals
  • Hubert Koenig
    Administrative manager of Indoor & Outdoor Living
  • Mathieu Lionnet
    Manager of Box Manufacturing
  • Nicholas Park
    General manager of Plastinax Austral
  • Ludovic Desvaux
    Manager of Rennel (FedEx & TNT)
  • Management of associated companies

  • Sophie de Chalain-Pelletier
    Managing director of We Simplyfile
  • Teddy Dacruz
    General manager of Superdist
  • Pierre-Yves Harel
    Managing director of FRCI
  • Patrick Piat
    General manager of Joinery and Metal Distribution International
Risk Management

Our risk management strategy consists of evaluating and focusing on the threats that may compromise our strategic objective of delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders.

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