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We are one of the 10 largest companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, with a market capitalisation of Rs 12.5 billion as at 30 June 2018. We serve the following markets: real estate, hospitality, agro-industry, logistics and fintech. The company's ordinary and preference shares are publicly traded on the first market.


ex-ENL Land

We successfully launched Moka Smart City a year ago, setting the stage for further innovation and sustainable value creation for our group. The development has been extremely well received by the market and we have registered a strong interest for all the products that we have designed so far. We are really excited at the prospect of creating a truly sustainable and cosmopolitan place to live, work and play in - a city which, given its connected and interconnected infrastructure, will be all that the modern citizen of the world aspires for.  

Hector Espitalier-Noël
Chief Executive Officer
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ex-ENL Land
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FY2018 Key highlights
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    billion rupees
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    billion rupees
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    billion rupees
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    billion rupees
  • Gearing
  • Equity holders' interests
    billion rupees
  • Total asset value
    billion rupees
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Company profile

ENL Land is one of the largest listed Mauritian companies (SEM-10) on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Its ordinary and preference shares are publicly traded on the first market. The company presents a good upside potential for the next three years, with its capacity to generate cash and to grow its net asset value being boosted by the implementation of its 3Y business plan for the period ending June 2020. 

ENL Land is engaged in sustainable value creation in the following sectors: real estate, hospitality, agro-industry, logistics and fintech. Operations are driven by its main subsidiaries, namely, Rogers, ENL Property and ENL Agri. We are also significant shareholders in Eclosia and New Mauritius Hotels, both of which are leaders in their respective markets. 

Risk Management

Our risk management strategy consists of evaluating and focusing on the threats that may compromise our strategic objective of delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders.

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