We create sustainable real estates, lead the island’s largest group of hotels, trade in an eclectic range of products and provide a full range of logistics and financial services. We are also a major agribusiness player.

Our products and services touch most facets of the modern-day consumer in Mauritius. We continuously grow our ties with our markets with a view to better anticipate their needs and aspirations.
ENL takes special care to create a motivating and enabling work environment for each of its 6 800 and some employees. We invest an average 2.5% of our total salary bill on enhancing our human capital each year.

ENL is engaged in long-term value creation. We leverage our strong asset base to grow in our existing fields of expertise and to develop our next generation growth engines, namely through ENL Corporate Ventures and the Turbine business incubator and accelerator.

ENL assumes its corporate responsibility through grassroots community outreach programmes that aim at empowering inhabitants to fight poverty, joblessness and despair. We also support broader initiatives to protect and preserve our island’s biodiversity.
  • News24 Nov 2017
    Moka Plant Festival, la foire aux bons plants !
  • News21 Nov 2017
    Formation à la Turbine - Début de la campagne Inspire
  • News13 Nov 2017
    Porlwi et ENL s’associent pour illuminer la Citadelle avec le solaire
  • News13 Nov 2017
    La FSC reconfirme : ENL Land et Rogers ont respecté la loi
  • News13 Nov 2017
    MOKA officiellement certifié SMART CITY par le BOI
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