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Purpose-driven operations & investments

ENL is committed to grow through purpose-driven teams, investments and operations that utilise the group’s assets to positively impact its economic performance, and society, over time.​ We operate in seven business sectors. 

Land & Investment

Land is a strategic resource that ENL uses to fuel its growth. The group owns 21,500 arpents in the Centre, the South and the South-West of Mauritius. Most of this land asset is put to agricultural use; about 5% is being developed into smart cities, offices and shopping malls. ENL's land asset is also used to seed the next generation of growth drivers for the group. Our latest venture is in the renewable energy field. 


We grow sugar cane on most of our agricultural land and count among the largest cane growers in Mauritius. A significant part of our resources also goes into chicken and deer farming, food crop and ornamental plants production, as well as in the provision of landscaping services and trade in agro-supplies. ENL Agri and Agrïa drive the group's agricultural activities on the island. 

Real Estate

We create integrated, connected and innovative places to live, work and play. ENL is recognised as an industry leader, with unmatched experience and expertise in real estate development. 


We are an industry leader in the Mauritian hospitality sector, offering fully integrated travel and hospitality services to world. Guided by our unwavering belief in the potential Mauritius as a destination for travel and leisure, we craft exceptional holiday, dining and leisure experiences to cherish for life.

Finance & Technology

We seamlessly orchestrate data-driven decision-making to deliver fiduciary, technological and credit services for international and domestic clients.


We connect Mauritius to the world by air, sea and road via Velogic, an integrated international logistics platform, and Rennel, sole agent for courier services FedEx in Mauritius.

Commerce & Manufacturing

We produce and trade in an eclectic collection of products and services aimed at enabling our customers to live the quality of life they aspire for. Our product and services portfolio includes motor vehicles dealership, eyewear, swimming pools and water storage solutions, timber and building materials, IT equipment and services, sports equipment and apparel as well as solar energy solutions.

Key Investments

We are significant shareholders in four market-leading groups of companies. Our investment strategy serves our group's core objective to create sustainable value for our customers, employees, shareholders and for our country.