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Governance & Ethics

Integrity, transparency and accountability underpin the governance of ENL Group

We believe in enhancing stakeholder value through sound corporate governance involving empowerment, accountability and integrity, beyond compliance.

The operations of our various businesses are guided by the ENL Code of Ethics, strict adherence to regulatory compliance and by our commitment to business excellence. 

In addition to statutory bodies and committees that see to sound governance practices, we have formulated a number of policies that provide a robust framework for building a world-class organisation, and a workplace where employees are valued and encouraged to contribute to sustainable growth. 

Governance Structure

ENL is governed and managed by a professional Board of Directors comprising members of proven credentials and domain expertise. The positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are separate as per the group's Governance Policy. The Board is assisted by specialised Committees of the Board, namely  the Audit and Risk Committee and the Corporate Governance Committee. 

Code of Ethics

ENL pursues growth that is inclusive and respectful of our social and natural environment. The ENL Code of Ethics articulates the group's values and ideals that guide and govern the conduct of our companies, and of our team members, in all matters relating to business. It outlines our commitment to each of our stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate.    


The cardinal principles of independence, accountability, responsibility, transparency, trusteeship and disclosure, govern our actions at all levels. Good corporate practices, procedures, standards and implicit rules lead us to take sound decisions that maximise long term shareholder value without compromising on integrity, social responsibility and regulatory compliance. 


We are committed to grow through purpose-driven teams, investments and operations that utilise the group’s asset base to positively impact its financial performance and society over time. 

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