ENL grows and manages a portfolio of more than 120 brands

  • Meet Ketty

    A champion at heart and in deed, Ketty is empowering herself for life, enabled by a group that’s committed to sustainable performance and to inclusive growth. 

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    Enabling performance
  • Meet Benoit

    As a customer of Axess, Benoit Lebon experiences a life of freedom, enabled by an entrepreneurial group that brings more than 120 brands to the market.

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    Enabling freedom
  • Meet Ravi

    As an Executive Chef at Heritage Awali Golf & Spa, Ravi Kanhye experiences a life of passion, enabled by an entrepreneurial group with a tradition for inclusive growth.

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    Enabling passion
  • Who are we ?

    ENL is the entrepreneur behind more than 120 household brands which are as many means for end consumers to meet their needs and aspirations.

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    Our businesses
  • Connect with us

    Discover the stories of our initiatives to connect with our stakeholders, to innovate and to generally deliver on our commitment to perform to the highest standards.

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  • The citizen ENL

    We are committed to invest our time, expertise and resources to support the growth of vibrant, connected and sustainable communities.

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A culture for hard work, a tradition for inclusive growth and an unwavering commitment to uphold our two-century old legacy of entrepreneurship have led us to be among the leading business groups of our country.

We create sustainable value by making every effort to engage with our stakeholders and to serve their needs and aspirations with commitment and innovation. 

  • We develop and manage more than
  • brought to the market by more than
  • which currently employ more than
  • who create value with assets worth more than
    billion rupees

ENL is the entrepreneur behind more than 120 household brands of products and services, which are as many conduits for end consumers to realise their needs and aspirations.

  • When consumers walk in a shopping mall, check in at a resort, step in their office for a day's work or open the door to their home in order to reconnect with friends and family, there is a good chance they are experiencing an ENL brand.

  • Land & Investment
    Land & Investment
  • Agro-industry
  • Real Estate
    Real Estate
  • Fintech
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Commerce & Industry
    Commerce & Industry
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