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Managing Risks

Actively managing our risks remains pivotal to the long-term success of our business and to the achievement of our strategic business objectives.

The bottom-line of sound and proactive risk management for our businesses goes beyond the essence of short-term performance; it is about ensuring the sustainability of businesses in the backdrop of growing ESG considerations.”

Mushtaq Oosman

Chairman, Audit Commitee and Risk Committee

Risk Profile

Through the group’s risk management framework, ENL is apprised of key existing and emergent risks inherent to its business operations, both at group level and at specific served market level. Risks at group level cut across the group’s served markets and are therefore significant for ENL. In 2023, they were identified as:

    • Changes in macroeconomic variables in the backdrop of growing geopolitical tensions
    • Adapting to changing customer preferences and expectations
    • Talent attraction and retention remain predominant challenges driven by rising labour cost, changing aspirations and exodus of talents
    • Sub-optimisation of technology and digital tools coupled with IT security
    • Challenges to the preservation of the long-term sustainability of the ecosystems for present and future generations

Enterprise Risk Management

An effective risk management mechanism is key in delivering our strategy, achieving the group’s objectives and ultimately, sustaining the growth of shareholders’ wealth.

    The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework helps to identify, assess, manage and report on risk factors influencing the ENL ecosystem, whether at the group or subsidiary level, with regards to strategy, operations, finance, people and technology.

    Our Board of Directors and Audit & Risk Management Committee (ARMC) oversee risk management. The Board is responsible for strategy setting, leadership and decision-making, and thus determines the level of risk tolerance and risk appetite in accordance with set business objectives.