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Our story


For over 200 years, ENL Group has helped shape Mauritius with a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and a vision to enable possibilities.

From the cultivation of a first few acres of sugarcane in Moka to a well-diversified business group, this is the story of ENL. An incredible human adventure which continues to unfold.


Launch of a smart village in the South

Savannah Connected Countryside is launched on 3 August 2022. It is a smart village created under the government's Smart City Scheme, and will spread over some 440 arpents upon completion.

The same year,

  • Moka joins the metro network
  • Phoenix Mall opens a fully integrated metro station
  • Oficea opens Les Fascines, its newest office complex at Vivéa Business Park
  • Workshop 17, South African specialist in flexible and fully-serviced workspaces, partners with ENL to set foot in Mauritius.  

Decathlon opens shop in Mauritius

Decathlon, a world leader in sports equipment, opens its first shop at Bagatelle Mall with immediate success. The franchise is owned by Ensport, an ENL Commercial subsidiary.

This same year,

  • Bagatelle Mall opens a brand new wing and its iconic 42 Market Street offering local fare to shoppers.
  • Ascencia is listed on the official market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and integrates the SEMSI. 
  • Velogic is listed on the Development & Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Oficea is launched as a label for premium work places

Oficea is created to drive the development of premium workspaces and the services that go with it.

The same year in Bel Ombre, Rogers opens World of Seashells, the largest seashells museum in Africa.


A new ENL is born

An in-depth restructuring of the group's holding companies gives birth to a new ENL Limited. The new entity is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in January 2020.

The same year, Ascencia opens Bo'Valon Mall in the South-East.


Domino's Pizza opens shop in Mauritius

Having secured the Domino's Pizza franchise for Mauritius, Island Living, a Rogers subsidiary, opens its first outlet.


Moka acquires Smart City status

Moka Smart City is officially launched, heralding an acceleration of the urban development of Moka undertaken by ENL for the past decade.

This same year, 

  • Ascencia opens So'Flo, its first boutique mall in Floreal
  • The group's leisure activities are restructured under Rogers. 

Incubating the next generation of entrepreneurs

The Turbine, a start-up incubator and accelerator, is created to enable a new generation of Mauritian entrepreneurs.  


ENL has a new subsidiary, Nabridas

Joining the Commerce & Manufacturing segment of the group, Nabridas is a specialist in manufacturing of fibreglass wear and a leader of fibreglass swimming pools in Mauritius.


ENL Property becomes a major shareholder of Ascencia.

ENL Investment’s subsidiary, Ascencia, a property fund, acquires ENL Property’s 50.1% shares in Bagatelle Mall of  Mauritius as well as its 100% stakes in the Kendra and Les Allées d’Hevétia commercial centres. In consideration, ENL Property receives 32.7% of the share capital of Ascencia.


ENL Investment becomes the new holding company of the Rogers group.

ENL Investment becomes the new holding company of Rogers and Co Ltd following a major restructuring of the latter. The restructured Rogers has interests in agriculture and property development, travel and tourism as well as in logistic services and finance.


The Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius starts operations.

The Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius starts operations, exactly one year after the Prime Minister officially inaugurated the construction site. The mall is a success overnight. ENL acquires the franchise for the South African brand Ocean Basket and opens the first restaurant in Bagatelle, which is an immediate success. Voilà Bagatelle hotel is also inaugurated with an innovative concept and offering. This new business segment is named ENL Lifestyle.


The Savannah Sugar Estates Ltd and Mon Désert Alma Limited merge.

The Savannah Sugar Estates Ltd and Mon Désert Alma Limited merge following the disposal of their interests in sugar milling operations and energy production. Now named ENL Land Ltd, the merged entity owns a land bank of some 16 000 acres situated in the southern and central parts of Mauritius and dedicated mostly to sugar cane cultivation and property development.


ENL unveils a rationalised group structure composed of clusters.

Following a rebranding exercise, ENL unveils a rationalised group structure composed of clusters with a clear focus on their core business. Espitalier Noël Limited becomes ENL Limited; ENL Commercial regroups the activities formerly under GIDC; ENIT is rebranded ENL Investment; ENL Agribusiness is created to manage the group's agro-industrial activities, while ENL Property takes leadership of the development, marketing and sales of real estate projects.


The ENL Property business cluster is created.

Espitalier Noël Limited, which has by now grown into a business group with one of the strongest asset bases in the island, rethinks its land use strategy and opts for property development to increase financial yields of its assets. ENL Property, a new business cluster, is created to drive this new line of business. A number of major residential, commercial and office facilities projects are developed in Moka, Helvétia, St Pierre. La Balise Marina IRS and the Bagatelle integrated development are launched. In addition, Mon Désert Alma sugar mill ceases operations. The Group also withdraws from Marromeu sugar estate in Mozambique, an unsuccessful venture started 5 years earlier with other Mauritian investors.


Espitalier Noël Ltd is entrusted with the management of Bel Ombre Sugar Company Ltd.

Espitalier Noël Ltd is entrusted with the management of Bel Ombre Sugar Company Ltd. The company closes its sugar mill and gives a tourism and leisure orientation to its activities. The Domaine de Bel Ombre is thus founded and the once remote South West of the island is opened to the outside world with the launching of Villas Valriche golf and lifestyle estate in 2008.


Espitalier Noel Investment Trust Limited is incorporated.

Espitalier Noel Investment Trust Limited (ENIT) is incorporated to manage a portfolio of shares held in blue chip companies. Now known as ENL Investment, the company holds shares in Rogers and Co Ltd, the Food and Allied Group and New Mauritius Hotels.


The group and its subsidiaries are listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Espitalier Noël Limited, the Savannah and Mon Désert Alma sugar companies and GIDC are among the first companies to be listed on the newly founded Stock Exchange of Mauritius.


The group is the cofounder of one of first EPZ companies in Mauritius.

The group participates in the creation of one of the first EPZ companies in Mauritius, namely Plastinax Austral Limitée. ENL Commercial now holds 93% of this eyewear manufacturer and exporter.


The General Investment & Development Company Ltd is created.

The newly independent Mauritius calls established entrepreneurs to contribute to the development of the country. Espitalier Noël Limited responds by creating General Investment & Development Company Ltd (GIDC) to spearhead the group’s initiatives in the non-sugar sector. Today, this cluster’s portfolio includes operations in automobile dealership, construction, timber and building materials as well as hotel supplies and eyewear manufacture.


Espitalier Noël Limited is incorporated as a holding company.

Espitalier Noël Limited is incorporated as a holding company entrusted with the mission to rationalise administration of the two sugar estates, and to develop business in emerging sectors. In 1947, Mon Désert Alma Ltd is incorporated following the centralisation of the Alma sugar mill on Mon Désert. At its peak, the company produces an average of 45 000 tonnes of sugar and employs 2000 workers.


The Noël family invests in a second sugar estate in Savannah.

The property, called Savannah, extends over 2000 acres and produces some 2300 tonnes of sugar. That same year, La Compagnie Sucrière de Mon Désert Ltd is incorporated to drive business in the Moka region. The incorporation of The Savannah Sugar Estate Company Ltd in 1913 further illustrates the growing sophistication in the conduct of business within the group.


Martial Henri Noël lays the foundation stone of the ENL group.

Martial Henri René Noël buys 100 acres of agricultural land from his siblings and lays the foundation stone of the ENL group. Six years later, he purchases an additional 220 acres and builds a sugar factory which he calls Mon Désert, given the relative isolation of the place.