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Real Estate

We build, market and manage trendsetting homes, offices as well as leisure and commercial facilities

We create integrated, connected and innovative places to live, work and play. ENL is recognised as an industry leader, with unmatched experience and expertise in real estate development. 

  • 7 shopping malls
  • 2 smart cities
  • 2,500 arpents
  • 30,000+
  • 1,100+ residential units
  • Rs 3.3 bn revenue
    IN FY 2023
Smart Cities

ENL Property is currently driving two urban developments under the Government’s Smart City Scheme: Moka, at the heart of the island, is the most advanced smart city of the country, and Savannah Connected Countryside, launched in 2022 in the South of Mauritius. We are also developing Bel Ombre into a benchmark for sustainable living in the tropics. This initiative is led by Rogers. 

Our aim is to create sustainable neighbourhoods that are integrated, open and enabling. Living spaces bearing the ENL signature are carefully planned, designed with an eye for aesthetics, vibrancy of community life as well as an uncompromising management of heritage and our ecological footprint.

Discover our Smart Cities:
Moka, Coeur de l'ile
Savannah Connected Countryside

Bel Ombre, Lamer, Later, Lavi


Our urban developments in Moka, Savannah and Bel Ombre propose bespoke residential neighbourhoods to Mauritian and citizens of the world wishing for a place to call home in the tropics.

Our clients can choose from our selection of built villas and apartments, or prefer a plot of serviced land on which to build their dream home following strict guidelines from us. Some of our flagship developments include: Gentilly Estate, Les Vergers de Gros Bois, Courchamps, Bagatelle Estate, Les Promenades d’Helvétia, Telfair Views and L’Avenir.

Under the Government's Integrated Resort Scheme, we created two high-end luxury estates: La Balise Marina on the west coast and Heritage Villas Valriche in the south-west of the island.

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We build, market and manage premium workplaces, mainly in Moka and Savannah. This activity is led by Oficea which focuses on developing high quality, super-connected and environment-friendly office spaces fostering employee well-being.

We recently partnered with Workshop 17, a South African brand for flexible, fully-serviced workplaces, to offer turn-key office solutions to businesses.

Properties under Oficea's management currently include Vivea Business Park, Telfair and Bagatelle.

Learn more about Oficea

Shopping Malls

We lead the retail property market with 7 shopping malls set strategically across the island. The malls are owned by Ascencia, the island's largest retail property fund listed on Stock Exchange of Mauritius. 

Our malls are successfully developed and managed by Enatt, a team of unmatched expertise and experience. More than mere shopping centres, they are positioned as leisure and lifestyle destinations.

In addition to the iconic Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius, our retail properties portfolio includes Phoenix Mall, Riche Terre Mall, Kendra, Les Allées, So’Flo and Bo’Vallon Mall.

More information about Ascencia Malls


Through Sygeco, we combine our property management expertise with our long experience in land and building maintenance to propose integrated and professional syndic services to co-owners of residential, commercial and office properties. We currently service an extensive portfolio of clients across Mauritius.

More information about Sygeco

Our Leaders in the Real Estate Sector