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Virginie Corneillet

Executive Director

  • Appointed as Director
    (amalgamated company):

    01 Jan 2019
  • Qualifications:

    Maitrise en Droit des Affaires" from the University of Paris V (France) 


Virginie Corneillet joined ENL in 2010 as Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs and  currently holds the position of Group Head of Governance and Legal Affairs. 

Virginie oversees the legal, internal audit as well as risk and governance functions within ENL Corporate Services. She provides expert guidance to the group's leadership team with regards to mergers and acquisitions, corporate transactions and corporate governance matters. 

Virginie previously worked at Groupe Mon Loisir (now IBL) where she was mainly responsible for the legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions within the Group. She started her career at Soulier & Associés, a French law firm based in Paris and Lyon, France.

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