ENL grows and manages a portfolio of more than 120 brands

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We own and run hotels, selling premium holiday experiences to the world.

Through Rogers, our largest subsidiary to date, ENL co-founded the Mauritian hospitality industry more than 60 years ago. We remain one of the main stakeholder in the sector, delivering an integrated holiday experience with key brands like Veranda Resort, Heritage Resort, Beachcomber, Rogers Aviation and Island Living.

Our service offer includes hotels, travel and leisure. We address both the inbound and outbound traveler's needs from start to finish, right from the booking of airplane tickets to choosing a hotel and collecting experiences that make for memorable holidays.

  • We manage
    of the island's
    total room capacity
  • The hospitality segment accounted for
    billion rupees
    in turnover in 2019

We deliver integrated holiday experiences through our services in:

  • Hotels

    Our hotels embody the naturally warm hospitality Mauritius is well-known for.

  • Travel
  • Leisure
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