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Land & Investment

Land is a strategic resource that we use to grow our group's capacity to create value sustainably for our employees, customers, shareholders, business partners and for the community in general.

The ENL group owns some 23 000 acres of land in Moka (Centre), Savannah (South) and in Bel Ombre/Case Noyale (South-West). We grow sugar cane on most of this land and have earmarked about 5% of this area for real estate development over the coming 10 to 15 years. Additionally, we leverage this asset to finance our group's growth.

We are currently seeding the next generation of growth drivers for our group, having activated two main levers, namely start-up incubation and corporate venturing, to pursue innovation, a key to sustainability.

Business sectors

We create value in the Land & Investment segment of our businesses in our capacity as:

  • Land owner

    We make efficient use of the relatively vast expanse of land we own to bring a premium selection of products and services to the market, and to grow our businesses. 

  • Venture capital

    We are equity investors, bringing you the funds and support you need to grow in scale.

  • Business incubator

    Through Turbine, our business incubator, we are actively contributing to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs in Mauritius and the region.

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