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Land owner

We strategically manage the 23,000 acres of land belonging to our group in order to continuously improve our capacity to generate income and to support growth in existing and/or new sectors of activity.

Much of the land we own is rented out to ENL Agri for farming. We grow sugar cane, our main cash crop, as well as vegetables, ornamental plants and chicken. 

Outside farming, we use our land assets to either raise finance or to develop mixed-use real estate. Land earmarked for non-agricultural use are investment properties entrusted to ENL's land bank which currently comprises some 800 acres.

Our real estate developments bring premium infrastructure to the market, add value to their neighbourhoods and generate sustainable rental income for our group. Some of our landmark properties include Bagatelle Mall by Ascencia, Heritage Bel Ombre and the upcoming Moka Smart City.

Occasionally, we sell non-strategic land and other investments to generate short term cash. We also pledge land assets to raise finance for investment into existing or new business ventures. We have thus increased our shareholding in the Rogers and NMH groups. 

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