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Moka Smart City

We are investing two decades of experience and expertise in property development into creating the smart city of Moka, a modern, connected and sustainable neighbourhood at the heart of Mauritius.

Located at the heart of Mauritius, Moka is the cradle of ENL’s history and the group has been actively shaping its contours for two centuries! About a decade ago, we adopted a focused and driven approach to developing the locality into a modern, integrated and sustainable neighbourhood to live, work and play in.

We are now pursuing the urbanisation of Moka under the Government-sponsored Smart City Scheme, integrating more advanced technological, environmental, social and economic considerations into our Master Plan for the region.The first phase of the Moka Smart City is being developed on some 464 acres of land at the crossroads of the island’s two main motorways.

Moka Smart City aims to optimise resource use, improve the quality of life of its residents, engage with key stakeholders with a view to create a vibrant and integrated neighbourhood and to open up real economic opportunities.

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