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Moka City

Moka is a smart city in the making right at the heart of the island. It is fast growing into a place of choice to live, work and play.

Modern residences, eco-friendly infrastructure, economic opportunities, a vibrant cultural scene and an integrative approach to municipal administration. Such is the promise of the smart city of Moka which we are currently developing across 1600 acres in one of the most central location in Mauritius.

The development is in fact a continuation of the integrated urbanisation of the Moka region undertaken by ENL about a decade ago. As such, the smart city of Moka already boasts numerous residential, business and leisure facilities which form a dynamic core around which we continue to create sustainable urban infrastructure.

The smart city of Moka is taking shape at great speed. We are currently at work on the following building sites:

  • Les Promenades d'Helvétia, the city's first residential development
  • Telfair, Moka's business district
  • Bagatelle, a mixed-use development which is already home to the iconic Bagatelle Mall
  • Vivéa, the prestigious business centre we continue to develop on the grounds of a former sugar factory
  • Le Promenade de Moka, a linear park that'll be the central feature of the city
  • Moka'Mwad, an initiative aimed at integrating existing neighbourhoods.
Samuel de Gersigny
Samuel de Gersigny
Senior Manager – Moka Smart City and Land Management
  • Already, we have created about
    new homes
    in Moka
  • welcomed more than
    in our two business centres
  • where some
  • and increased consumer choice by more than
    in our three shopping centres
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ENL House, Vivéa Business Park

Moka, Mauritius

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