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Sygeco provides management services to syndicated residential, commercial and office properties.

Services we offer are threefold: technical, legal and financial. We take care of maintenance and repairs, we keep the accounts in order, we track debtors and ensure compliance with Mauritian laws as well as with building standards and specifications.

Our client portfolio currently includes Les Allées d’Helvétia I, II & III, Domaine de Mont Calme, Black Rock II, Résidence Hermitage, Société Rose des Sables, Bagatelle Les Résidences, Bagatelle Estates, Bagatelle Les Résidences - Belle Rive, Société du Bout du Monde, Les Vergers de Gros Bois, ENL House, Vivéa Business Park and Light House.

Jean Raymond Hardy
Jean Raymond Hardy
Managing Director

Jean Raymond Hardy is a seasoned professional of the sugarcane industry. 

Prior to joining ENL's Savannah sugar estate in 2001, he worked at Lonhro Group Britannia S.E., Deep River Beau Champ and Société de Gérance Mon Loisir.

Jean Raymond has more than 35 years of experience in the sugarcane industry and has been actively involved in the centralisation process of sugar factories in the Centre and South of Mauritius during the last 15 years.

He is a former President of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture and the outgoing Chairman of the Sugar Industry Pension Fund Board. Jean Raymond holds an MBA from Surrey University.

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ENL House, Vivéa Business Park
Moka, Mauritius

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