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A broad-based enterprise, developing and managing a diverse portfolio of more than 120 international and homegrown brands in agro-industry, real estate, hospitality, logistics, fintech, commerce and industry. We create value for the end consumer through flagship companies like Ascencia, Axess, ENL Agri, ENL Commercial, ENL Property, Rogers Group, Rogers Capital, Velogic and VLH as well as through New Mauritius Hotels and Eclosia, which are associated groups of companies. 

We are a family-controlled group, in business since 200 years and listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. We create sustainable value for our employees, customers, shareholders, business partners and for the country as a whole by:

  • Connecting with our stakeholders to better understand their needs and expectations,
  • Innovating, embracing change and continuously improving ourselves, and by
  • Committing to perform to the highest standards. 


 We believe in enabling possibilities, supporting every individual’s quest for self-fulfillment by designing relevant products and services. 

We enable possibilities

ENL, enabling possibilities.

ENL is all about the potential, the promise and the opportunities that the future holds. This sense of possibility is what drives us. It sustains our spirit of enterprise, fuels our appetite for innovation. It's what makes us stay agile and contemporary.

We believe that possibilities are endless if we cultivate the right mindset. We also believe that the products and services our group chooses to bring to the market are conduits for possibilities to shape up. The ethics and commitment with which we engage in business are catalysts that make those possibilities happen - possibilities for customers to experience the lifestyle they aspire for and for talents to grow to their full potential.

Possibilities for our country to reach out to better tomorrows.

  • We bring to the market more than
  • created or distributed by about
  • currently employing more than
  • In 2021, total assets were worth
    billion rupees
  • and revenue amounted to
    billion rupees
  • while operating profit stood at
    million rupees

ENL is the entrepreneur behind more than 120 household brands of products and services that can be enjoyed in Mauritius. When consumers walk in a shopping mall, check in at a resort, step in their office for a day's work or open the door to their home in order to reconnect with friends and family, there is a good chance they are experiencing an ENL brand. 


We are active in fields as diverse as hospitality, real estate, agro-industry, fintech, logistics, commerce and manufacturing. The group is made up of about a 100 operating companies that conduct their respective businesses independently, under the guidance and supervision of their own Board of Directors. Three of them are publicly-listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. 

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