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When consumers walk in a shopping mall, check in at a resort, step in their office for a day's work or open the door to their home in order to reconnect with friends and family, there is a good chance they are experiencing an ENL brand. 


The ENL group is a family-controlled, public enterprise listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Run by the Espitalier-Noël family, it is the entrepreneur behind more than 120 household brands of products and services that can be enjoyed in Mauritius. The group is engaged in the relentless pursuit of sustainable value creation in fields as diverse as hospitality, real estate, agro-industry, fintech, logistics, commerce and manufacturing. 

Our strategy for growth remains unchanged over time: we leverage our assets to create cash-generating businesses that participate in building modern-day Mauritius. At the very core of this strategy is a land bank of some 23,000 acres which we manage in order to fuel innovation and growth.

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  • About ENL Foundation

    ENL Foundation is a keen supporter of and an active participant in integrated and sustainable community developments. Our end objective is to empower local communities for autonomy. 


  • is a news platform telling the stories of ENL's initiatives to connect with its stakeholders, to innovate and to generally deliver on its commitment to perform to the highest standards.
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    ENL offers a wide range of job opportunities to people with diverse skills and competencies.

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