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ENL Agri produces sugarcane, food crop and ornamental plants as well as chicken. We are also a leading supplier, through our subsidiaries, of crop inputs, landscaping and syndic services.

Within ENL Agri, our commitment to sustainable agriculture practices is reflected in our focus on carrying out value-adding activities, reducing costs, optimising yields and minimising our impact on the environment.

Sugarcane and ornamental plants are our two main cash crops. We are among the largest and most efficient cane growers on the island, contributing significantly to the production of sugar for export and green electricity from bagasse and alcohol.

We produce an annual average of about 200,000 different ornamental plants, which are available from our commercial outlet, La Pépinière and through landscaping professionals, including our subsidiary, ESP Landscapers.

Food crops and chicken farming are another part of our production mix. We sell our greenhouse- and field-grown fresh vegetables both to wholesalers and retail outlets. We also breed broilers for Avipro, a related company which owns Chantecler, the market leader for chicken products.

ENL Agri additionally supplies crop inputs through Agrex. We are the caretakers of ENL's vast land resources and also offer syndic services through Sygeco to residential, business and commercial estates across the island.

Jean Raymond Hardy
Jean Raymond Hardy
Chief Executive Officer

Jean Raymond Hardy is an experienced sugar industry professional with a rich career spanning more than 35 years. He joined ENL in 2001 as General Manager of the Savannah sugar estate and under his leadership, ENL became one of the most cost-efficient cane growers in the island. Jean Raymond is a former President of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture and the outgoing Chairman of the Sugar Industry Pension Fund Board. 

  • We are the
    largest sugarcane grower
    on the island
  • with an average harvest of
  • from some
    arpents of land
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