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Sugar cane

We grow sugar cane on about 60% of the land belonging to our group in the central and southern parts of Mauritius.


Martial Henri René Noël, the founder of ENL, grew his first acres of sugar cane as far back as in 1821. Mon Désert, the estate he then started, now forms part of our group’s land asset base of some 23,000 acres. About two thirds of this land area is under sugar cane cultivation today.

We have been successfully modernising our business model for the past decade. This has been a prerequisite for long-term sustainability given the significant changes occurring in the market conditions governing exports of Mauritian sugar. We have thus improved efficiency through mechanisation and irrigation. We have also reduced our wage bill and aligned our manpower requirements with the seasonal nature of our business.

With time, this strategy to reduce operational costs has enabled us to draw real benefits from improvements in market conditions for sugar.

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