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Commerce & Industry

ENL is engaged in commerce and manufacturing through its subsidiary, ENL Commercial.

Through ENL Commercial, we bring to the market a trusted bouquet of brands, backed by a reliable network of suppliers cultivated over time and a capable team of more than a 1000 seasoned team members. We currently operate in three groups of activities, namely automotive, manufacturing and trade & services. We are present in niche markets through 8 subsidiaries and 3 associates.

Commerce and industry is one of ENL's earliest ventures outside sugar cane. We started as far back as in 1969, in line with the freshly independent Mauritius' agenda for economic growth. 

  • Currently, some
    ENL team members
    are engaged in trading and manufacturing services
  • contributing up to
    of ENL's turnover

The Commerce & Industry segment of ENL's business delivers value in the following fields of activity: 

  • Automotive

    We are a one-stop shop for vehicle owners in the island with a choice of well-known international brands of vehicles and associated services.

  • Industry & Manufacturing

    We manufacture eye-wear for exports as well as fibreglass swimming pools, polyetherene water tanks and packaging products mainly for the local market.

  • Trading & Services

    We supply the materials to build and furnish homes, offices and other properties as well as well as the IT equipment and services to run businesses.

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