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Making sports as accessible as possible

We believe that experiencing new sports, being active, and living well shouldn’t be limited to a privileged few. We have teamed up with the international sports retailer, Decathlon to make the pleasures and benefits of sports accessible to the many.

Fuelled by innovation, Decathlon designs, develops, and sells equipment for more than 60 types of sports. Its product portfolio includes 20 passion brands like Quechua, b’Twin, Kalenji and Tribord, all of which are available at affordable prices under one roof.

Decathlon Mauritius is owned and operated by ENsport, an ENL Commercial subsidiary. It opened its first retail outlet at Bagatelle Mall on 13 May 2021. The store is run by a team of 40 sports enthusiasts who are eager to inspire, guide and help customers in their choices of sporting experiences.

ENL’s association with Decathlon conveys a shared commitment to support sporting activities for better health and well-being. The group’s previous initiatives include the creation of the multidisciplinary Moka Rangers Sports Club and Synergy Sports & Wellness Institute, as well as annual events like the Moka Tennis Open and the Moka Trail.

Eric Espitalier-Noël
Eric Espitalier-Noël
CEO, ENL Commercial Limited

Eric Espitalier-Noël is an executive director of ENL Limited and heads the commerce and industry segment of the group’s businesses. He joined ENL in 1986 and in 1989, became CEO of ENL Commercial to spearhead the diversification of the group’s operations into the commercial and industrial sectors.


Under Eric’s leadership, ENL’s commercial and industrial operations have grown both organically and through acquisitions. Eric is focused on operational efficiency gains and was instrumental in the creation of the Commercial Investment Property Fund, a dedicated property fund listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, to facilitate the financial restructuring of the company he heads.


Prior to joining ENL, Eric worked at De Chazal du Mée & Co. (now BDO), an accounting firm in Mauritius and at Indian Ocean Export Co. Ltd (South Africa). He is currently a Board member of several other enterprises operating in different sectors of the Mauritian economy, as well as a member of the National Committee on Corporate Governance. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree from Natal University in South Africa and an MBA from the University of Surrey in the UK.


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