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About ENL Foundation

ENL Foundation is a keen supporter of and an active participant in integrated and sustainable community developments. Our end objective is to empower local communities for autonomy. 


We are committed to enabling communities to live with dignity by working in close partnership with the main beneficiaries, the local authorities as well as specialist field NGOs. Our aim is to empower communities we work with to transcend hopelessness and to take full ownership of their own growth. 

The rapid pace of growth contains an inherent risk of exclusion. As the promoter of integrated real estates, including a smart city, ENL is particularly alive to the need to build bridges that link new settlements to existing neighbourhoods. ENL Foundation acts as a conduit for integration by conducting social needs analyses and implementing relevant action plans.  

The future belongs to the youth and it is our responsibility to prepare them to be responsible adults of tomorrow. We invest significant time and resources in nurturing future generations through education, training and exposure to current trends. The ultimate objective is to groom our youth, especially those from the socially vulnerable neighbourhoods, into leaders and role models for their peers. 

Mario Radegonde
Head of CSR, ENL Foundation

Mario Radegonde crafts and implements strategies to build, strengthen and maintain the group’s relations with the community. Through his leadership, ENL Foundation has grown into a recognised and respected agent of community development and integration in Mauritius. Mario is currently laying much emphasis on measuring the impact of CSR initiatives and in joining forces with other corporates for more impactful CSR initiatives.

OurFocus Areas
  • Each year, ENL Foundation invests up to
    Rs 10 million
    in community
    development programs
  • that benefit more than
    9, 400+
    direct and indirect beneficiaries
    in the regions we target
  • Mario Radegonde
    Head of CSR
  • Jean-Paul Hennequin
    CSR Coordinator
  • Joelle Cathan
    Administrative Officer
Talk to our CSR Manager
Mario Radegonde
T: +230 404 9550
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