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Living with dignity

People are absolutely impoverished if the minimum amounts of food, clothing and shelter necessary for survival absorb all of their income and they live a razor’s edge existence.

ENL participates fully in the national initiative to eradicate absolute poverty and to restore human dignity among the underprivileged. We seek to empower communities through education, training and support to micro-entrepreneurship.

We are mainly present in Moka/Saint Pierre and its neighbourhoods. We also support initiatives in Pailles and L'Escalier which are also areas hosting ENL businesses.

We channel our contributions through a number of initiatives, some of which are undertaken in partnership with not-for-profit and other private foundations as well as with government organisations. We have thus joined forces with the HSBC and the District Council of Moka to plan for the reduction of extreme poverty in the region. Actions taken in this context will include providing decent living conditions, improving academic performance, increasing employment opportunities and making training opportunities more accessible. 

Additionally, our group supports the private-sector-led Love Bridge program which consists of bringing volunteering families to accompany beneficiaries along the journey of self-empowerment. ENL is a founding partner in the initiative and currently houses one of its regional headquarters in Vivea Business Park. ENL Foundation nurtures strong relationships with the association’s management and its social workers.

  • We are empowering
    women to earn a living
    through craftmanship and micro-entrepreneurship.
  • with an average of
    products sold anually
  • generating an average of
    Rs 115k
    in revenue
    in 2017
Ourmain initiatives
  • Bazart Kreasion

    BazArt Kreasion

    We initiated Bazart Kreasion to promote the economic empowerment of 40 underprivileged women from Moka and neighbouring areas through microentrepreneurship. This year, the initiative took a new turn by extending to cookery. With the launch of Bazart Mokaray, a group of women received training in this popular field from an experienced chef. This culinary project earmarked as the new flagship of Bazart Kreasion is the first step towards a broader initiative to help empower low-income women in the region. The Bazart Mokaray brand specialising in local and authentic cuisine offers catering and restaurant services.

  • Future Skills project (Aprann)

    Future Skills project (Aprann)

    ENL Foundation joined forces with HSBC Mauritius to initiate the Future Skills project, which has been named Aprann. Driven by ENL Foundation and funded by HSBC Mauritius, it will enhance the employability of unskilled and untrained low-income individuals from vulnerable communities. The training provided is aimed at improving their communication skills and build their confidence to enable them to find employment through psychological preparation, reinforcement of values and life skills, vocational training, job placement and on-the-job training. This threefold project includes the following consecutive phases: the capacity building programme, skills development & vocational training and placement & on-the-job training. To date, the project has reached more than 60 people and ENL Foundation will soon start the construction of a training hub in Telfair to get most of the beneficiaries ready for employment.


  • Leave No One Behind initiative

    Leave No One Behind initiative

    The Leave No One Behind initiative, funded by the European Commission (EC), was launched last year. The objective is to alleviate poverty by empowering and mentoring lowincome earners and the underprivileged to become resilient and economically independent, and live with dignity. The programme, structured around four pillars is being implemented over a three-year span in Cité Telfair, Alma, Cité Sainte Catherine, Pailles and L’Escalier. Training in backyard gardening was provided to 93 people. Our teams are also assisting with the projects of 20 beneficiaries in L’Escalier who learned to set up their own businesses last year under the incubator’s programmes. Additionally, 18 individuals from Telfair and Alma received life skills training and are currently being coached in entrepreneurship. The capacity building programme focusing on children’s functional literacy and life skills sessions for adults was launched in the 5 regions, with 83 beneficiaries to date. We are currently completing construction of the relevant infrastructure and our teams are busy identifying beneficiaries for the mix farming programme. The aim is to provide part-time employment to 25 individuals to help reduce food insecurity and improve their well-being.

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