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Promoting integrated neighbourhood

We believe in building bridges between inhabitants of the same locality and also between different neighbourhoods. We aim to build connected communities that are conducive for growth.  

ENL Foundation acts as a conduit for integration between communities hosting ENL's businesses and real estate developments. Over the years, it has perfected an approach based on field studies and the active participation of the inhabitants. 

We conduct social needs analyses and engage the community dwellers to elaborate an action plan that will address those needs. Thereafter, we use our influence and network to attract additional sources of finance and expertise and empower the main beneficiaries to own the implementation process. We stay close to the project for the duration, providing guidance and expertise when necessary. 

Kolektif Rivier Nwar (KRN) is the very first platform that we helped create in the wake of the La Balise Marina integrated resort development on the West coast, in Black River. Cité Sainte Catherine in Saint Pierre (Centre of Mauritius) followed suit with Zenerasion Nou Kapav (ZNK), co-sponsored by the Rogers and Eclosia groups. We are now replicating the Sainte Catherine community development model in the South of the island, in L’Escalier in partnership with Omnicane.  

We are currently also working on a social integration plan for the smart city of Moka. Our objective is to build lasting bridges to connect the existing Moka community with the newly launched Moka Smart City. Moka’mwad, a citizen’s platform, is being created to spearhead this initiative. It will be instrumental in bringing together the inhabitants of Moka to participate actively in building a vibrant, dynamic and culturally rich community.


  • To date, we have empowered
    community agents
  • Level of autonomy reached is
    in communities
    we are are supporting
  • The financial support is up to
    Rs 728k
    to local NGOs & CBOs
    to promote social activities within the community
Ourmain initiatives
  • Moka

    Building an integrated Moka

    We are building bridges to Moka Smart City

    We are currently working on an action plan to support and promote the integration of Moka Smart City with the existing villages of Moka and Saint Pierre. We expect to touch some 2,000 families with our initiatives which consist of building cultural, economic and social bridges between the existing communities and the new settlers. 

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