The ENL group launched its Moka Smart City initiative

This new development will extend over 450 acres of land and will be seamlessly integrated with the existing village of Moka. It promises to provide smart and sustainable spaces to live, work and play in.

Moka Smart City will be built over the next ten to fifteen years. It will attract substantial investment in the region and create an estimated 3 500 new jobs. The project has been officially launched by the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr Pravind Jugnauth in the presence of representatives of the business sector, of key government institutions and of the local community.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Prime Minister Jugnauth commended the ENL group for its initiative to create Moka Smart City. He put on record the fact that ENL has always responded positively to the government’s call for private sector investments in strategic areas of growth.

The Mauritian Head of Government said : 

The Bagatelle Mall, Domaine de Bel Ombre and Villas Valriche integrated resort are prominent examples of ENL’s commitment to endow our country with modern infrastructure that are in line with the development objectives of Government while meeting the exigencies of our population and businesses. The Moka Smart City is yet another testimony of the Group’s commitment to channel private investment in projects that are in line with national priorities
Hector Espitalier-Noël

Hector Espitalier-Noël

ENL Chief Executive Officer Hector Espitalier-Noël underlined the group’s commitment to uplift Moka, the cradle of its history.

He highlighted some of the recent initiatives taken by ENL to create new jobs and state-of-the-art infrastructure in the region.

We have been shaping the contours of Moka ever since our group exists, and so in line with our ethos, culture and drive for inclusive growth.


Hector Espitalier-Noël welcomed the government-sponsored Smart City Scheme which gives fresh impetus to the group’s investment in the region.

The Smart City Scheme creates a whole new enabling environment. In addition to a spate of incentives, it provides for a further opening up of our country to foreign talents, capital and purchasing power

Wednesday at the launch ceremony, ENL pledged to protect and preserve the soul of Moka by ensuring the harmonious blending of the past and future while adjusting to environmental requirements and technological advances. This long-term development process will rest on four pillars:

Engagement of stakeholders

The smart city will be fully integrated with the existing Moka community and infrastructure. ENL is creating a dedicated platform named Moka’mwad (Friends of Moka), to foster the full participation of the local community in shaping up Moka Smart City.

Optimal use of resources

Moka will be eco-friendly and will pursue sustainable development by favouring innovative solutions to improve road connectivity. Much emphasis will be laid on non-motorised transport.

Improved quality of life

Moka aims at providing sound living conditions by fostering a close link with nature through quality landscaping. The city will also significantly enhance its offer in terms of culture, sports and wellness as well as leisure and shopping.

Real economic opportunities

Moka’s Central Business District in Telfair, added to existing business centres in the neighbourhood and The Turbine, ENL’s start-up incubator and accelerator situated at Vivéa Business Park, will provide an enabling environment for innovation and for new businesses to develop and grow.