ENL grows and manages a portfolio of more than 120 brands

Creating value, sustainably

Our ambition is to transform the group’s asset base by engaging in carefully selected and efficiently managed investments and operations in order to capture growth and generate cash sustainably.

Value Chain

The resources we use

  • Financial
    • Debt
    • Equity
    • Reinvestment
  • Manufactured
    • Buildings
    • Machineries and Equipment
  • Human
    • Leadership team
    • Employees
  • Social & relationship
    • Business partners
    • Customer relationship
  • Intellectual
    • Licenses, softwares
    • Know-how
    • Systems
  • Natural
    • Land
    • Energy

The activities that help us create value

  • Land & investment

    We are the owners of 23,000 arpents of land that we manage for optimal returns

  • Agro-industry

    We grow, transform and trade in farm produce

  • Real estate

    We build, sell, rent and manage homes, offices, shopping malls

  • Commerce & industry

    We bring to the Mauritian resident a bouquet of international and home-grown brands

  • Hospitality

    We run hotels and sell premium holiday experiences to the world

  • Logistics

    We connect Mauritius to other countries by air, sea and land

  • Fintech

    We deliver sophisticated services in the fintech industry

The enablers that support the value creation process

We have chosen specific enablers to support us in our journey towards Vision 2020

  • Client centricity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Management commitment

The value we create for our stakeholders

  • Financial

    Competitive returns for our shareholders

    - Enhanced profitability

    - Sustainable cash generation

    - Growth in assets

    - Contained debt

    - Sustained dividends

  • Manufactured

    Quality products and services tailored to the needs of our customers

  • Human

    Skilled and engaged employees

  • Social & relationship

    - Strong brand image

    - Nurtured stakeholders' relationship

    - Integrated and empowered communities

    - Arts, culture and sports

  • Intellectual

    - Strong systems supporting our operations

    - Culture of innovation and continuous improvement

  • Natural

    - Sustainable agricultural practices

    - Land developed in an eco-friendly manner

    - Production of renewable energy

    - Energy efficient managed assets