ENL grows and manages a portfolio of more than 120 brands

Creating value, sustainably

Our Group's strategic objective is to grow ENL through purpose-driven teams, investments and operations that use the Group's asset base to positively impact its financial performance and society sustainably

Value Chain

The resources we use

  • Financial
    • Debt
    • Equity
    • Reinvestment
  • Manufactured
    • Buildings
    • Machineries and Equipment
  • Human
    • Leadership team
    • Employees
  • Social & relationship
    • Business partners
    • Customer relationship
  • Intellectual
    • Licenses, softwares
    • Know-how
    • Systems
  • Natural
    • Land
    • Energy

The activities that help us create value

  • Land & investment

    We are the owners of 23,000 arpents of land that we manage for optimal returns

  • Agro-industry

    We grow, transform and trade in farm produce

  • Real estate

    We build, sell, rent and manage homes, offices, shopping malls

  • Commerce & industry

    We bring to the Mauritian resident a bouquet of international and home-grown brands

  • Hospitality

    We run hotels and sell premium holiday experiences to the world

  • Logistics

    We connect Mauritius to other countries by air, sea and land

  • Fintech

    We deliver sophisticated services in the fintech industry

The strategic focuses and enablers that support us

Through Cap 23-Impact driven, our strategic plan to 2023, we have chosen specific strategic focuses and strategic enablers to navigate the coming years


Strategic focuses:

  • Teams - Nurture teams that are high-performing, committed, and capable of continually reinventing themselves
  • Customer centricity - Build a relationship of proximity and trust with customers, based on a good knowledge of their needs and aspirations
  • Sustainability - Integrate the principles of sustainable development into our business models
  • Operational excellence - Use all the available levers to be best-in-class in our core markets


Strategic enablers:

  • Digitalisation - Maximising the potential of digital technology for a market-driven business approach and to improve operational efficiency
  • Partnerships - Being proactive in seeking and nurturing partnerships that will give the Group access to new skill sets, technology, funds, and markets
  • Globalisation - Being best-in-class in our core businesses to enhance our global visibility and to attract international partners and customers

The value we create for our stakeholders

  • Financial

    Competitive returns for our shareholders

    - Enhanced profitability

    - Sustainable cash generation

    - Growth in assets

    - Contained debt

    - Sustained dividends

  • Manufactured

    Quality products and services tailored to the needs of our customers

  • Human

    Skilled and engaged employees

  • Social & relationship

    - Strong brand image

    - Nurtured stakeholders' relationship

    - Integrated and empowered communities

    - Arts, culture and sports

  • Intellectual

    - Strong systems supporting our operations

    - Culture of innovation and continuous improvement

  • Natural

    - Sustainable agricultural practices

    - Land developed in an eco-friendly manner

    - Production of renewable energy

    - Energy efficient managed assets