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We are a broad-based company, engaged in six key sectors: real estate, hospitality, agro-industry, logistics, fintech and commerce & industry. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, ENL Limited represents a good upside potential over the next three years. Its good health should be enhanced by the implementation of Vision 2020, the group's current 3-year business plan which aims to grow its capability to generate cash and to increase its net asset value.

ex-ENL Limited

Over the past 200 years, ENL has been relentlessly pursuing the creation of sustainable value. Value for the teams that man its many operations, for the customers who place their trust in our products and services, for our shareholders who continue to support us through their investments and for our country. We are entrepreneurs with a long-term take on business. 

Hector Espitalier-Noël
Chief Executive Officer
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FY2018 Key highlights
  • Cash generated from operations
    billion rupees
  • Total assets
    billion rupees
  • Turnover
    billion rupees
  • Operating profit
    billion rupees
  • Profit after tax from continuing operations
    billion rupees
  • Equity holders' interests
    billion rupees
  • Net indebtedness
    billion rupees
  • Gearing
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Company profile

ENL Limited was incorporated in 1944 as a holding company to bring together the interests held by the Espitalier-Noël family whose forebears founded the group. A culture of hard work, a tradition for inclusive growth and an unwavering commitment to uphold its legacy of entrepreneurship have led the group to be among the leaders of the Mauritian economy.

Today, ENL is a versatile team of some 7,100 women and men, actively creating value in most sectors of the national economy. It's activities span seven served markets: land & investment, agro-industry, real estate, commerce & industry, hospitality, logistics and fintech.

ENL’s main subsidiaries are ENL Land, ENL Commercial and Rogers. The company also holds significant stakes in market leading groups like Eclosia and New Mauritius Hotels (NMH). 

ENL is listed on the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM) of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since 2006. Its preference shares are traded publicly whereas its ordinary shares are privately held.

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Press Releases and Communiqués
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Annual reports
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    ex-ENL Limited - Annual report 2018
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  • 31 Jul 2016
    ex-ENL Limited - Annual Report 2016
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