ENL grows and manages a portfolio of more than 120 brands


The media is a valuable link that connects our group to its stakeholders and to the general public. 


Our aim is to ensure that media practitioners have access to authoritative information about ENL and its many activities at all times, so that they in turn may pass the right information on to their readers. We encourage journalists, bloggers and columnists to contact us with regards to any question they may have about ENL. We will do our best to answer their queries as far as possible. 

We also reach out to our stakeholders through our own communication platforms which are:

  • : our online news platform where you can follow the stories of our group's initiatives to connect with its stakeholders, to innovate and to generally deliver on its commitment to perform to the highest standards.

  • Enlighten magazine : our corporate magazine available every quarter. 

  • Social media: engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

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    ENL Foundation is a keen supporter of and an active participant in integrated and sustainable community developments. Our end objective is to empower local communities for autonomy. 


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