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Jean Noel Humbert

Chairman, Independent Director

Appointed as Director (amalgamated company):

01 January 2019


Honours Degree in Agriculture 

Jean Noel Humbert was the Chief Executive Officer of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate till his retirement in December 2014.

He was the General Secretary of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture from 1997 to 2015 and in this capacity, represented the private sector with the Government on different issues relating to the agricultural sector. He also previously occupied different posts at managerial level within the Food & Allied Group, (now Eclosia Group), and was the President of the National Productivity & Competitiveness Council.

He is presently Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Food & Allied Group, (now Eclosia Group), and consultant to the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate with respect to sugar marketing and institutional issues. Jean Noel Humbert has a vast experience in institutional affairs more particularly in the field of international trade and in the marketing of sugar having a wide knowledge of sugar markets worldwide. He has also been closely involved in the strategy and process that have led to the change from raw to white refined sugar exports from Mauritius. 

Directorship in listed companies:

Livestock Feed Limited