business model for
creating value, sustainably

at a glance

  • Land & Investments
    • land owner

    • venture capital

    • business incubator

  • Agro-Industry
    • cane growing

    • farming

    • food crop

    • landscaping

  • Property
    • development

    • fund

    • management

    • services

  • Commerce & Industry
    • automotive

    • construction

    • manufacturing

    • trading

  • Hospitality
    • hotels

    • travel

    • leisure

  • Logistics
    • logistics solutions

  • Fintech
    • corporate services

    • technology services

    • financial services


ceo's review

The year just ended has been eventful. We continued on the dynamism that has been a hallmark of the Group by making significant investments and launching Moka Smart City. We have now embarked on our new 3 year plan, Vision 2020, which we are confident will bring the Group into a new dimension.

Hector Espitalier-Noël

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clusters’ performance

Land & Investments

We are the owners of 23,000 arpents of land that we manage to maximise its return. […]

  • Rs 83 m
    (2016: Rs 40 m)

  • Rs 168 m
    loss after tax
    (2016: Rs 352 m)

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We grow, transform and trade in farm produce. […]

  • Rs 924 m
    (2016: Rs 841m)

  • Rs 152 m
    profit after tax
    (2016: Rs 236 m)

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We build and manage homes, offices, and shopping malls, leading the real estate market with an integrated offer. We are passionate about creating sustainable neighbourhoods that are enabling and open to all. […]

  • Rs 2.2 bn
    (2016: Rs 2.3 bn)

  • Rs 1.2 bn
    profit after tax
    (2016: Rs 801 m)

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Commerce & Industry

We bring to the Mauritian resident a bouquet of international and homegrown brands. […]

  • Rs 3 bn
    (2016: Rs 3 bn)

  • Rs 21 m
    loss after tax
    (2016: Rs 54 m)

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We run hotels and sell premium holiday experiences to the world. The hospitality segment offers an integrated holiday service that includes hotels, travel and leisure […]

  • Rs 3 bn
    (2016: Rs 3 bn)

  • Rs 22 m
    loss after tax
    (2016: Rs 90 m profit after tax)

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We connect Mauritius to other countries by air, sea and land. We operate an integrated logistics platform through Velogic, offering freight forwarding, customs clearing, domestic transport, warehousing, shipping, container handling, courier services and sugar packaging.[…]

  • Rs 3.5 bn
    (2016: Rs 3.1 bn)

  • Rs 87 m
    profit after tax
    (2016: Rs 83 m)

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We deliver sophisticated services in the fintech industry. The FinTech platform operating under the Rogers Capital brand provides corporate, technology and financial services to an international clientele. […]

  • Rs 665 m
    (2016: Rs 625 m)

  • Rs 84 m
    profit after tax
    (2016: Rs 124 m)

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“Risk management remains an important management tool that allows our teams to gauge and focus on the ‘risks that matter’ for the business in line with defined strategic enablers and objectives of delivering long-term value for our shareholders.”

Hector Espitalier-Noël

Managing Risk in
delivering our Strategy

  • 1

    Managing risks

  • 3

    Governance structure

  • 2

    Evolution of risks

  • 4

    Our risk profile

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human capital

ENL Limited’s human capital management is guided by our long-term vision of creating a work environment where employees are enabled to deliver sustainable organisational performance while achieving personal growth.

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& natural capital

The Group is a keen supporter and an active participant in sustainable nation building through initiatives to develop local communities, protect the environment and encourage arts, culture and sports.

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This report describes the main corporate governance framework and compliance of the Company with the disclosures required under the Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius.

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